Blitzen Branding Guidelines

If you're looking for Blitzen branding guidelines, logos, and other assets, you're in the right place. We're not too fussy with how our branding assets are used, but it would be great if you would take a look below and get to know how we do things before you proceed.


For convenience, we have included a dark, light, and yellow version of the Blitzen logos. For more custom uses, feel free to colorize the logo anywhere within the greyscale spectrum, but please do not use any non-approved color versions of the logo.

All logos in a .zip file

Branding Colors

The following is a list of hexadecimal color codes that comprise the Blitzen color palette. Copy and paste the individual hexcodes, or download the entire .ase file



Feel free to use the following assets for promotional purposes, but please do not alter the graphics in any way or display them in a manner that implies an afilliation or endorsement with Blitzen, unless you have written consent from us.

Blitzen's Form Builder
Blitzen's Lead Management
Blitzen's Workflow Automation
Quick Start Guide
Blitzen Engine
Blitzen Overview