Lead capture forms and
voice of customer surveys
that grow your business

Blitzen gives SMB marketers the power to convert website visitors into data-rich leads and capture key customer insights.

  • Generate better leads

    Build dynamic lead gen forms that enrich your contacts with social and company data.

  • Capture key feedback

    Use surveys to engage your customers and learn what is important to them.

  • Manage your contacts

    Score and segment your contacts, then automatically route them to your CRM.

Build smarter lead generation forms and learn more by asking less.

Deploy forms easily

Use our quick to deploy inline, slide-up and pop-over form delivery templates.

Qualify with just an email

Capture company data, social profiles and demographics by only asking for an email.

Build profiles over time

Queue different form fields to profile leads over time and improve sales conversions.

Get insights with voice of customer surveys and sync your response data.

Ask the right questions

Use Show and Hide logic to serve unique survey questions based on previous answers.

Route survey data

Send your survey responses to your CRM, email, and marketing automation tools.

Make better decisions

Discover insights in real time using survey analytics and form conversion metrics.

Capture more data, score leads and create segments all in one simple database.

Research less & sell more

Enrich your leads with social and company data and save time researching.

Prioritize your leads

Score based on key traits like job title or company size and focus on the right leads.

Segment your database

Filter your contacts using segments and target your audience more effectively.

Integrate the apps you already use and easily automate your workflow.

Connect your favorite tools

Get data into your CRM, email and collaboration apps without the manual data entry.

Automate your workflow

Trigger automated events based off a lead score, segment, or survey response.

Create custom integrations

Use our webhook system to build custom integrations based on your specific needs.