Your smart hub
for customer data.

  • Collect better data from anywhere.
  • Connect your sales and marketing stack.
  • Route customer data to your web apps.
  • Automate your customer lifecycle workflows.

Business process revolution

Your business is growing. Your processes involve more people, tools, and workarounds than ever before. We connect your siloed apps, teams, and data on one intelligent platform. Blitzen is the intelligent hub for your data.

Awesome Features

  • Intelligent online forms
  • Event-driven automation
  • Contact enhancement
  • Lightweight email marketing
  • Team collaboration
  • Visualization dashboards

Collect customer data.

Create forms and surveys, import .CSV files, or get data directly from your app with webhooks. Blitzen enriches your inbound leads by pulling social profile data, letting you know who your signups are.

Automate your workflow.

Use our workflow builder to route customer data to your teams and web apps with event-driven automations. Just tell Blitzen where you want your data to go and when. It's easy as drag and drop.

Keep humans in the loop.

Review and comment on your data using Blitzen’s collaborative layer and trigger automations manually with our action buttons. Filter out bad data before it hits your web apps and focus on your best leads.

Connect your stack.

If you’re on the front lines trying to get your work done, Blitzen is for you. We help you scale by connecting your marketing and sales stack on one intelligent platform. Collect, filter, and distribute your customer data -- without IT.


Capture leads with online forms. Create event-driven automations that route new signups to your web apps. Send automated emails campaigns to nurture new signups using our mail merge built on Mandrill.

Lead Management

Score leads and filter out bad data before it ever hits your web apps. Enrich your leads by pulling in social & company data via the FullContact API and automatically append that rich data to your CRM records.


Getting your SDR notes into your CRM is tedious. We help SDRs get their notes into their CRM faster and easier. Create forms to add notes to their CRM, sync their Evernote notes, or parse them directly from emails.

Product Management

Product managers need feedback from their users. Create surveys in Blitzen and send them out automatically. View the results in our data visualization dashboards and make smarter product decisions.

Blitzen is in private beta. Get invited.